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Buy Steam Gift Card $50 & Top Up Steam Wallet Account

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Spending Big will result in Saving Big: With $50 Steam Gift Card

With the help of Steam gift card, you can buy thousands of games through Steam platform and enjoy the benefit of the same as a gift. And the good news is, that these steam gift cards are available in most of the regions in globe and are converted into their local currency range when gamers try to redeem the same on their platform. Imagine a wallet for Steam: So basically these Steam gift cards work as a shopping card along with wallet codes in your wallet and enjoy some fun games or probably gift the same to your family and friends.

But don’t be confused with two keys: steam gift cards and wallet codes. Steam wallet codes work as activation code for the game you choose and steam gift card is a gift certificate. And both of the keys can be redeemed on the local steam platform when you plan to buy games, credits of wallet or software through the platform. Not sure where to get these? Well, the best option is to find the gift cards and wallet codes on retail outlets near to your house.

How can I check my balance on Steam Wallet?

Well, the procedure has only two small steps:

    First, you must log in to the steam account you have created before.

    The balance which is available currently in your steam account will be mentioned on the right hand side of your screen at the upper side where your username is mentioned.

What do you mean by steam wallet codes?

Let’s understand this with an example: In general, when you buy a talk time coupon for your phone or when you activate any smart service on your phone: you are asked for an OTP which is generally sent on your registered number after the payment is successful. Well, Steam wallet codes works in the same way. Once you buy the steam wallet codes from a retail outlet, you can redeem the codes mentioned on that card to your steam account.

And once you mention the same, you can redeem the code to buy games, software on your local steam platform.

Note: Many gamers are facing issuing with the delay of transaction on steam account. Once the funds are transferred to your steam wallet, it can be used for the next purchase on your steam account. And gamer can use different modes of payment after depletion.

But many gamers complain about their funds not appearing on their steam account screen. If the problem persists for more than two hours of fund transfer, you must opt for the

Following measures:

    Please check your email for a confirmed receipt as a proof of your purchase

    Make sure you are logged in to the Steam account when you are making a transaction.

    Restart your account

    Hopefully, your account will be redeemed with the wallet codes. If not, you must contact Steam support for further complaints and assistance.

How to redeem Steam Wallet code?

Well, this is one of the most common questions asked by gamers these days. And well, following information will help you with the perfect procedure of the same:

    Enter the site: http://www.steampowered.com/wallet and log in to your account details. If not, you must log in to your account or create Steam account before we move further.

    Once you log in to your account, you must enter the wallet code that you have received from the retail outlet in the field of “steam wallet code”.

    Click on continue tab and the code will be redeemed as a credit in your account. If you are performing this procedure for the first time, you will asked your current address as well in order to calculate the exact currency amount to be deducted from the account.

    The Steam wallet code value will be then added to your account balance of Steam. And you can check the same on the right hand side of your screen at the upper side where your username details are mentioned.

Since your payment is done through wallet code, you must click on “my steam wallet” at the time of check out as your mode of payment in “review + purchase” step. And finally, the item cost along with tax will be deducted from your wallet funds.

My funds will be deducted in which currency?

If you have never used Steam Wallet code before, it means that your Steam wallet balance will be null. In this case, your capital will be transferred in the currency of the Steam store which is predefined. But if this is not your first time, the funds will be transferred in the current currency setting of your Steam Account.

Is there any country barrier on the Wallet codes of Steam?

Well, in general, Steam wallet codes can be redeemed worldwide with no restrictions in any part of the region. But sometimes, some of the cards issued in South East Asia region can only be redeemed in their region only.

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