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Halo Wars 2 | PC Game | Xbox One | Activation Key

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Taste the Halo Wars 2, the devastating return in Universe of Halo which is Real-time strategy based adventure. Direct typical forces of Halo Wars, like Warthogs, Spartans and others in vicious battle opposite to the horrifying enemy, ever been on Halo battlefield.

All-new, Thrilling Story – The return of the heroes of Halo Wars to explore the galaxy and find themselves along with the most dangerous time than ever. The all new story being told, subsequent to the actions of Halo 5, with the action based package on the field of well known Halo battlefield aka The Ark. Real time tactically gameplay for players to control the armaments in huge wars with the entities which are threat to the all of humanity and UNSC.

Prepare Your Halo Army – Build your army, hoard your troops and get ready with your vehicles and guide them to the massive wars into the unfamiliar atmospheres in bunch of multiplayer maps and campaign.

Multiplayer Battle – This strategy based game has ability to play it against or with your friends as well as up to 3v3 matches in Xbox Live community. The privileged characters with unique powers, new weaponry with volatile capability to turn around the table as well as exciting multiplayer modes will attract you as you have ability to fight on diverse maps.

Blitz: Instant Command – Blitz adapt this strategy based real time gameplay into instant adventure by combining it with card-based strategy where your deck is military. In Blitz, as you create commanding troops and group influential Halo vehicles, you can order them in quick-exploit matches online or singly facing the force of enemies.

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