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Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thrones is the first expansion for Guild Wars 2

Enter the world of Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns: the first great expansion pack for Guild Wars 2.

This expansion was aimed on the idea that the journey is goal. Heart of thorns is a perfect expansion to the platform which is based on the traditional challenges of Guild Wars 2 to fight of MMOs in order to justify the promise of delivering the imagination of a perfect online world.

The Mastery System

The Mastery system allows the gamer to explore wonderful and challenging levels beyond level 80 and enjoy the amazing and extraordinary abilities in order to enjoy the game in whole new way. Features like jungle hand gliding, access to legendary weapons through building up new collections and so on, are one of some unique and exciting activities that can be enjoyed by a true gamer.

The Heart of Maguuma

Maguuma jungle is an exciting adventure which you can enjoy as player. The game gets exciting when the gamers fight and battle new enemies and discover new allies from the civilization developed earlier and confronting the Mordemoth’s minions growing hordes.

  • Tackle and understand the tricky content in the group
  • Explore new maps of the jungle
  • Enjoy amazing and exciting story lines and events in the jungle
  • How about testing your mettle with new enemies and battles

Specializations: With the help of professional skills of specializations, one can unlock the access to weapons which were unavailable before. Understand and enjoy new tactics, mechanics and skills that will help the gamer enjoy every minute in the jungle like a pro!

New Profession: Revenant

This is an amazing experience for the gamers as they challenge the legendary powers in the battlefield in order to slaughter the foes and unleash chaos on an entirely new skills profession called ‘Revenant’. In this field, the gamer fights against heavy armored army and powers from different worlds of the mists.

Guild Halls: The gamer will claim the piece of guild who was roaming around with him/her in the entire game. The aim is to grow your Guild hall with the support of guild members and work with them in the heart of Maguuma.

PVP: New stronghold Game Mode: The basic law of accounts: one must gather supply in order to hire armies. Well, the same is true for the game as well. In order to achieve the same, gamer must battle and fight for controlling of heroes. Gamers must motivate the trebuchet in order to protect the stronghold and defeat the enemies at their gate and fight Guild lord. Gamers must use our guild team features in order to fight on the leader boards skills. Stronghold offers an amazing and entirely surprising way and method to fight and play competitive PVP under Guild Wars 2.

WvW: New Borderland: Word versus world latest edition in core help gamers to experience the epic and legendary battlefield they have not experienced before with new borderlands map. The objectives of the map will be particular and significant than before as it will help the gamer to unlock some amazing strategies and mechanics that they can use as an advantage in the other worlds.

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