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Won Best Strategy Game & Best PC Game award inclusive of total 15 E3 awards.

Civilization franchise, moving fast with more than 34 million units sold around globe, out of which above 8 million units was of Civilization V.

A turn-based tactical game, developed by Sid Meier, allows you to create your empire and rule the world by incorporating civilization within different ages to stand the time. Wage war, carry out diplomacy, make cultural progress, and go one-on-one with history’s great leaders to build supreme civilization. Experience the great engagement with great aspects like expansion of cities over the map, unlock the new heights through research in culture and technology and competitors will chase their goals with their characters as all contest for one of five ways to win the game.

Key Features:


    See your empire grow on map like never before and ability of building custom cities provides greatest benefit of local land.


    Enhance your civilization speed by unlocking the boosts and also use your units to discover and expand your empire with fresh culture.


    Civilizations interaction could be changing over time as initial conflicts can later be negotiation and alliances.


    In addition to one unit per tile, now you can embed them with other units like anti-tank support with infantry or shelter warriors. These units will be also combined to form influential “Corps” units.


    Maintaining conventional multiplayer option along with ability to compete with your friends in single sittings for wide range of situations designed for easy completion.


    As expert player get succeed easily as Civilization provides great features, on the other hand new tutorial option enables new players to set themselves up.

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