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ARK: Survival Evolved | PC Game | Steam Key

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ARK: Survival Evolved | PC Game | Steam Key - Buy now for INSTANT DELIVERY of your STEAM key by email!

The ARK, a stunning and mysterious land where it’s a game of death as you need to survive using your skills on the land full of deadly dinosaurs. You need to be

The features mentioned below in Day-1 Access release. Many other features and enhancement are being planned for the enduring development roadmap, and below is what you will be experiencing in The ARK:

Confine and Cultivate Dinosaurs: There are plenty of different ancient creatures and dinosaurs on the island. This could be a golden opportunity for you to capture them and tame then appropriately so you can ride with them and make their use in your tribe’s army.

Eat, Drink and Survive: There will be different nutritional richness in different foods, including human meat. Eat well and save energy by evading long distance travels or exhausting activities as those actions make you hungry and thirsty. You can build a shelter or make use of fire to protect yourself from rain, snow or temperature like other weather changes.

Produce, Hunt and Construct: Slicing down the forest will help you create necessary items along with some of the luxurious crafts as well. You can plant trees as well to create your own garden to feed your needs of the Jurassic home.

Collect Resources, Tailor All: Through the wide-ranging crafting option you are able to customize the items with materials foraged from the island, along with the ability to alter the colors, shapes, textures, and style of the whole thing ranging from your armor to walls of your home to weapons and more.

Discover the Island: Unveil The ARK’s mystery of as you explore the island, exploring other explorer’s Notebooks (filled with clues!) throughout. You can reach to the boss and reveal the story of your inclusion in this Jurassic island and.



Mac OS X

SteamOS + Linux


        Processor: 2 GHz Dual-Core 64-bit CPU

        OS: 64-Bit Windows 7 Service Pack 1, or Windows 8

        Graphics: DirectX10 Compatible GPU with 1 GB Video RAM

        Memory: 4000 MB RAM

        Storage: 40000 MB available space

        DirectX: Version 10

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