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Where are my 15 Digits?

You have just received an email from 15 Digits confirming your key has been shipped.

So where is your key?

When you buy your keys from 15 Digits they should be delivered instantly once your payment has cleared.

Our keys are held on a secure server away from the 15 Digits site and are therefore sent directly to you via a separate email. If you do not receive your key immediate here are some things to check:

  • Has the email gone into your SPAM folder?
  • Has your payment cleared? If you are using PayPal and have paid with a eCheque the payment does not clear to us immediately and this will not trigger your code to be sent. Customers can still cancel their payment at this stage but by then the code will have delivered. As soon as your payment clears you will be sent your code and will receive a separate email from 15 Digits.
  • You have received a shipping confirmation email from 15 Digits. Sometimes your code is also sent via a shipping confirmation from the 15 Digits site. This will give you the option to view your order taking you to a page that looks like this:

where is my key i bought a key from 15 digits and haven't received it   

Your key is shown where the tracking number is show (where our text reads YOUR KEY IS HERE). You can copy and paste from this screen and paste it into where ever you need to.

If you still can't find your key then please email info@15digits.co.uk



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