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Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite | PC Game | Steam Key

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The heroic collide of two legendary storied worlds in a form of Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite which takes you to the incredible journey of highly respected action based gaming world. You can experience the heat like never before when Marvel and Capcom Universes smashes together with your favorite superheroes team up for one-on-one combat.


Reborn Friction: The two storied worlds will engage again with the old rivalries in which as a player you get a chance to select from your favorite Marvel and Capcom characters to face on with free style 2Vs2 team fights which is the unique dynamics of the gameplay.

Endless Power: Get the unlimited power pack by choosing one out of six infinity stones to from Marvel world to affect the combat. The ability of each infinity stone to customize the characters will fill the unique powers which have ability to reverse the battle situations.

Iconic Superheroes: Other than announce rosters like Captain America, Mega Man X, Captain Marvel, Morrigan, Iron Man and Ryu will jump into clash for endurance which includes Hulk, Hiryu, Thor, Strider, Hawkeye, Chun-Li, Rocket Raccoon, Chris Redfield and Ultron, rises the present roaster to 14 heroic characters will be unveil their powers in upcoming.

Cinematic Story: The new threat of Ultron Sigma which is combination of robotic enemy Ultron from Marvel and Signma from Capcom need to be defeated mutually combining the heroes and villains of Marvel and Capcom to save merged universe from getting infected with virus. This is the time when greatest warriors of all time should get back tight and give the best fight.

Accessible Single Player Mode: The variety along with cinematic story there will be option under single player modes like Missions, Training and Arcade for players to sharpen their proficiencies.

Huge Multiplayer Attributes: With the vigorous online modes and features together with rank and informal matches, universal scoreboards, and online lobbies with viewer mode gives best ever experience.

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