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can you get xbox live gold for free

Microsoft Xbox Live Gold Membership - Subscription - 3-month Licence

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Want to save money on your Xbox live membership? Well, you have landed to the right page!

Gamers generally wonder if they could afford Xbox live gold for free for the rest of their lives, but let’s face the reality: it is not going to happen! And if you are at 15digits looking for the same, well we are informing in advance, that’s not what we are offering. But if you are looking for saving some money on Xbox live gold, you have made the right choice already!

Xbox live is an amazing opportunity for the players to connect with Xbox One and Windows 10 and enjoy the gaming platform with their friends and family across the world. Gamers can enjoy the epic platform by building and creating heritage on the platform. Also they can achieve goals, record gaming videos, sharing scores and maintaining your avatar. Gamers should keep themselves on the top along with checking where their friends are reaching or playing. Your favorite games can be followed along with initiating party chat with your buddies and view what is trending in the gaming zone worldwide. And that’s not it! You can enjoy all this at a go! You can share and enjoy your gaming experience wherever you are!

You can play the games across both i.e. Windows 10 and Xbox One, once you have Xbox Play Anywhere Digital Title that too with no extra cost at all. It gives you an ability to resume on another Xbox One or PC from the point you have taken off, allowing you to access all your achievements, add-ons and game saves anytime, anywhere, around the globe.

Not only that, you can always hook up with gaming buddies and friends on the gaming world wherever you go, be it you are on your phones, tablet, PC or Xbox one. Look what is trending and what your friends are up to, anywhere you go. You can chat, view notification, communicate, see your achievements and share game recording with friends any of medium like Windows PC or Xbox One platforms

One must order today in order to secure and enjoy subscriptions of Xbox Live to access the same worldwide with the help of live platform of Xbox. You can access the keys for your PC you will be getting in an email. So enjoy the risk free gaming with 3 months membership and enjoy unlimited gaming.

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