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Surgeon Simulator: Experience Reality [VR] | PC Game | Steam Key

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Surgeon Simulator: Experience Reality [VR] - Buy now for INSTANT DELIVERY of your STEAM key by email!

Surgeon Simulator puts the Emergency Room [ER] to Virtual Reality [VR]! The highly praised and recognized surgery simulation experience you have never felt before. The game is built for long life by featuring almost all surgeries and great humor from the popular original along with some of the additional surprises.

Surgeon Simulator: Experience Reality puts you into some of the most improbable and possibly unhygienic surgeries you have ever imagined. Patient’s life and death would be in your virtual hands in this mysteriously entertaining VR game and it puts you near to the blood-spattering surgery than you have ever gone in your life. The locations would be ranging from the back side of an ambulance, to the operating theatre, to the outer space; your patient’s wellbeing is in your soft and steady virtual hands.

However supplementing to the earlier native surgeries, this time we have included elite new features for you to experience within VR. How would you like to perform a brain surgery in the dark? How about a handy camera to record your efforts for the surgery from any angle? How about some new achievements? You can explore all these through Surgeon Simulator: Experience Reality!

No matter what you do,  please do not press that button in space!




        Processor: Intel i5-4590 equivalent or greater

        OS: Windows 7,8,10

        Memory: 8 GB RAM

        Storage: 3 GB available space

        Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 970 / ATI Radeon 290 equivalent or greater

        Sound: Yes

        Additional Notes: To improve frame rate, you can try turning off some effects in the advanced graphical settings.

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