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Aven Colony | PC Game | Steam Key

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Make a new residence for humanity with Aven Colony.

Explore Aven - an alien planet far away from earth with Jungles, deserts and tundras. You will authorized and promoted as humanity’s envoy on Aven Colony to create and expand the society to huge cities while taking care of the new challenges of the new world.

Construct your societies and manage the resources along with maintaining the wellness of the citizens. You will be in charge to take care of the colony from the dangerous and challenging environment of Aven Prime.

COLONIZE AN ALIEN WORLD: Make a new residence for humanity on exotic alien planet with challenges like extreme electrical storms, low-oxygen atmosphere, dust devils, shard storms, deadly toxic gas eruptions from geothermal vents with very long days.

MEET THE LOCALS: Bump into diverse alien creatures like plague spores, huge sandworms and brutal fungal viruses AKA “The Creep.”

SUPERVISE YOUR COLONISTS: Inhabit a new society on new planet would be hectic task. You would be authorized person and as a Colony Governor, you need to work hard on settling the colony and help your people to match up with new surroundings. Manage the overlay modes and get trust of society to become Expedition President!

DISCOVER THE PAST: The new world consists of numerous undisclosed matters. Engage in full single-player campaign and involve yourself in a tale that discloses few of the secrets of this heroic world.

BUILD THE FUTURE: You can construct different types of structures which would be built for accommodating your people, set trading paths, greeting immigrants and so much more with the help of construction drones. Improve present constructions with upgrade level to hit your society to colony to new levels.

EXPEDITION SYSTEM: Arrange team of initiators to investigate alien remains, recover objects, revamp gone down vessels and save missing explorers. Hunt down the nests of plague and creep spore while looking after and finishing the rebels and remaining robot guardians.

PREPARE FOR WINTER: There would be far more difficult situation in winter as Aven prime freezes, the sun will not be available to generate electricity and farms will not grow.  Make arrangements and take required measures to be alive in this harsh environment.

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