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Have a steam key to activate? Let’s see how!

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Now and then, people keep on asking questions on steam games. And one of the most prominent questions that every game on steam platform talks about is: how to activate a steam key of any game? Well, such games that require activation of a steam key are generally bought from external sources like e-commerce sites online where they generally buy the game. Well, the procedure is quite simple, but for first-time users, it might seem a bit challenging for many reasons:

  • The steam platform might be new for them!
  • They might have bought the product key for the first time through online platform
  • They might not be aware where the product code is located!

Many users ask for the best place to buy steam keys! Well, you can buy the same from external resources like Amazon or green man gaming that requires a steam platform to play. Well, you got to activate the key in that case.

Let‘s understand how you can activate the steam game key:

So open your steam platform and log in with your user information. Once you are on the homepage, you will find your interface with the list of games active in your account. You will not find the caption of the game you just bought from other some resources before you activate the key.

In order to follow the same, you need to look for games option of top left menu. When you click on games, it will show an option stating ‘activate a product on steam’. Select the same and you will find a window popping on your screen. Agree to the terms and conditions which will ask for product code in the next slide. But where is that product code?

Where is the product code of the game?

Well, the platform you bought the game from will help you access the product code. The code is generally mentioned inside a link which generally states ‘click here for your steam keys’. Once you buy the product, the information regarding the product is automatically displayed on your internet browser. After clicking on the same, you will find the steam keys of every game you purchased in that section.

So let’s consider you bought steam key of waking mars through the online platform. Once you purchase the product key, the product code can be seen in next window. Copy the exact product code from your browser list and paste the product key on the window you opened on steam platform.

Click next and well that’s it! The steam key will automatically get activated! Once it is activated you can refresh your steam platform, and you will find the bought game on the list of your games. And well, now you know what to do next! Grab your coke and start playing your game!

Steam, in fact, is one of the convenient platforms where you experience the best interface and graphic portals of interesting games. All it requires is activating a steam key and enjoying the interface on your screen. Do not complicate the platform much! Buy products online and activate the keys! Enjoy!

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