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9 Reasons Why PC Gaming is a Better Value than Consoles

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Still between console and PC gaming! Well, PC gaming is always a better option. Why, if you ask! The following reasons will help you decide better:

  1. Accuracy of the gaming mice

When we talk about shooting the other party on their head, well you need an accurate pick to shoot. And what can give better lethal accuracy than the gaming mice? The gaming mouse is much more user-friendly if you compare the same with the joystick of a console. And it’s fun too!

  1. Better Resolution

When you compare the graphics of PC gaming and consoles, the most dazzling resolution is supported in OC gaming which is around 4K quality. Consoles, on the other hand, supports till 1080p resolution only. PC gaming is an opportunity to enjoy your game on more than one screen at a time.

  1. Customization with the hardware

The performance of gaming is entirely dependent on you when you opt for PC as one can build their own machine with powerful features and specks. With cheap steam cd keys, a user can control the performance of their gaming on the motherboard along with storage, memory, process and graphics card. Consoles, on the other hand, are limited to the specification as provided by the manufacturer.

  1. Games are cheaper

When we talk about games released or pre-owned by consoles, the price of such games is quite expensive when you compare the same with those of PC equivalent. Gamers who prefer consoles over PC gaming spend much more on games than PC gamers.

  1. Keyboard support

If you are playing games on consoles your entire life, you might be missing out a lot of fun indeed. There is no better way of enjoying gaming platform than the combination of keys on the board. The accuracy is just perfect along with speed and timing. Be it any genre, the keyboard is much more fun and accurate than any analogue sticks provided with consoles.

  1. Various online sources

If you are using a console, you are restricted to a single online source of either Xbox live or Sony Play Station Network which means you might get stuck when serves goes down or in case of restricted DRM. cheap pc games online sources where you can enjoy gaming with no restriction from a particular site.

  1. Extra bucks for online fun

You must be aware of the fact that Xbox charges extra bucks from the users if you wish to go live on Xbox Live. And someday, Sony might opt the same! PC gaming, on the other hand, offers the free source of online gaming.

  1. Bigger Storage

PC gaming is not restricted to a particular storage size. With unlimited storage space on the hard drive, it beats every odd of consoles as they gamers are restricted to the storage capacity as provided by the manufacturer.

  1. Vintage is always Available

There are many classic games from the past that you can’t access on your consoles anymore. But if you wish to enjoy the experience once again, PC gaming is the best platform for all these old vintage games are available to download legally on the system.

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